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What to do in Monaco ?

Are you looking for a cultural activity in the principality of Monaco? Espace 22 opens its doors to introduce you to contemporary art exhibitions. Located in the heart of Monaco, Espace 22 is an unmissable place that will delight art lovers and the curious. Let's go together to discover this unique exhibition space in Monaco, an activity to do during the week or at the weekend on the Rock.

Discover Espace 22

Espace 22 is a place dedicated to the exhibition of contemporary art works located in the city center of Monaco. This site regularly welcomes internationally renowned artists as well as local talents, promising you a rich and varied artistic experience.

Espace 22: a place dedicated to contemporary art

Within the principality of Monaco, Espace 22 stands out as a true temple dedicated to contemporary art. Here, we find works created by talented artists from all walks of life. The various exhibitions organized throughout the year allow visitors to discover both modern creations and rare pieces signed by recognized artists.

An exceptional setting in the heart of Monaco

Espace 22 offers an ideal setting for showcasing the works of art on display. Our place is easily accessible thanks to the numerous public transport services which serve the city, and is located close to other major cultural sites.

The unique setting of Espace 22 in Monaco offers:

1. A modern and elegant space: the exhibition spaces at Espace 22 are designed to highlight the works presented while offering a pleasant atmosphere to visitors.

2. A privileged location: right in the center of Monaco, Espace 22 is easily accessible from the different districts of the city.

3. The Espace 22 team: made up of art professionals, this team accompanies you during your visit to offer you an enriching and personalized experience.

So, whether you are a contemporary art lover or simply curious, do not hesitate to explore our fascinating artistic universe during your visit to Monaco. Whether you choose to come during the week or during the weekend, this cultural space in Monaco promises to offer you an enriching and unforgettable experience.

Temporary exhibitions not to be missed

Throughout the year, Espace 22 offers eclectic artistic programming with temporary exhibitions presenting works from different movements and periods. You will have the opportunity to discover the creations of visual artists, photographers, sculptors and to learn more about their artistic approach.

A rich and renewed program

Lhe success of Espace 22 is largely based on its artistic programming. By offering temporary exhibitions and various events, this cultural venue offers an attractive offering for all lovers of contemporary art.

Exhibitions focused on emerging artists: part of Espace 22's programming is dedicated to highlighting new local or international talents.

Support for local artists: with exhibitions also highlighting Monegasque artists, Espace 22 actively participates in the cultural influence of the Principality of Monaco.

An openness to different forms of contemporary art: whether painting, sculpture or even video installations, Espace 22 welcomes works representative of the diversity of current artistic disciplines.

Also, if you are an art and design student

Monaco is also home to a prestigious Higher School of Art and Design, which trains tomorrow's talents in the fields of visual arts, graphics, fashion and even interior architecture. If you are a student in this field, also visit Espace 22 to enrich your artistic journey.